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What is Child Parent Psychotherapy?

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

Child Parent Psychotherapy is a form of trauma therapy for children 0 to 6 and their caregivers. It focuses on attachment in the relationship between the kiddo and their caregivers and helps kiddos understand their scary or traumatic experience bringing healing to both the caregiver and kiddo.

Child parent psychotherapy is play based and child centered. If you have a young child that has experienced a scary, or upsetting event, and is not yet verbal or play, continues to be their first language this is the model for them.

Often we believe that young kids can't be impacted by trauma but science and their many symptoms (the kiddos behaviors) tell us otherwise. This model is for those kiddos and their caregivers and assists in rewriting their story bringing play back to the front.

Caregivers are the superheroes in their children's lives and child parent psychotherapy strengthens those superpowers and helps parents know how to respond when their kiddos are going through tough times.

If you have a kiddo between the ages of 0 to 6 or maybe you're pregnant and have experienced trauma, don't wait there is hope and there is help! Call myself or reach out and call another therapist that specializes.

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