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Your Story Rewritten offers face to face and telehealth services using trauma informed therapy to treat anxiety, depression and trauma related disorders  in children and adults. 

 Are you overwhelmed, anxious, not sleeping and agitated all the time?

How about your kiddo? Are they melting down, glued to your hip, avoiding school, defiant?

Your story written can help! Using a mix of cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectal behavioral therapy, and motivational interviewing you can learn how to cope with stress, manage strong emotions, change thought patterns and rewrite your story. 

Are you tired all the time? Sad for no reason? Struggle to take care of your self physically? Is your appetite all over the place? Maybe you can't sleep or sleep all the time. What about your kiddo? Are they exhausted? Refusing to take showers? Self-harming or sharing thoughts about suicidal ideation?

Your Story Rewritten meets you where you are and set goals that you are motivated to make. Uses a mixture of evidenced based therapies to increase motivation, change thought distortions and rewrites a stories you want to enjoy.

Has your kiddo can through trauma? Have they experienced something scary or upsetting and now think differently about the world? Has your children experienced bullying? Been in a terrible car accident? Seen mom and dad fight? Struggled through the COVID pandemic?

Your Story Rewritten offers child-parent psychotherapy (CPP) and Trauma- Focused cognitive-behavioral therapy (TF-CBT). These therapies work with children and their caregivers utilizing play and other developmentally appropriate techniques to help kids overcome their traumas and you guessed it rewrite their stories. 

Child Parent Psychotherapy

Trauma Therapy for Littles 0-6 & Primary Caregivers

Evidenced based practice for littles 0-6 that have experienced scary or upsetting events and their primary caregivers. This model focuses on attachment and play; it teaches caregivers how to use play to support their littles, how to establish safety and gets littles back to their primary language of playing.


Trauma Therapy for ages 3-18 & Caregivers

An evidenced based model for littles & bigs that experienced a scary or upsetting event and need help bouncing back. Focuses on teaching children & caregivers about relaxation, emotions, regulation, thoughts and how to accurately and positively process the event.

Individual Therapy

Psychotherapy for All Ages Who Struggle with Anxiety, Depression, ADHD & other Mental Health Issues

Focuses on using evidenced based practices such as CBT & DBT to teach skills that help people of all ages manage their emotions, reduce anxiety, fight depression and get back to enjoying life.

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