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Child Therapist

Therapy for children & adults in North Carolina & Virginia 

Let me take your story...your trauma, anxiety, worries and provide you the needed tools to rewrite your story...a story in which you are in control using proven techniques for the treatment of trauma, anxiety and OCD.

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I'm Cerissa Rhodes, LCSW

a child therapist with an expertise in providing therapy to children (0-18) that have experienced scary events, are struggling with anxiety and or OCD. As well as, women that are struggling with their childhood trauma, anxiety, OCD or parenting. Women that feel lost and overwhelmed with life and fear it may be impacting their parenting. 


I offer treatment proven to be effective in addressing trauma, anxiety and OCD in children (0-18) and adults in my office in NC and virtually in NC and VA.

Are you or your child struggling with poor sleep, nightmares, feeling overwhelmed, intrusive thoughts, or irritability?

Your Story Rewritten, LLC can help!


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I'm Cerissa Rhodes, a child therapist specializing in trauma, anxiety treatment and OCD treatment. I work with kids and adults that feel out of control, constantly worried and help them regain control and learn how to enjoy life! 

When clients come to me, they're usually feeling...​


Whether they are overwhelmed because because they are parenting a child who is struggling with their mental health or they themselves are struggling, overwhelm is a common theme. 


Sleep is most often the first thing to be impacted when someone is struggling with mental health. Children often complain of nightmares, fear of sleeping alone or waking up through out the night. Adults experience trouble falling asleep due to racing thoughts, waking up in a panic or waking extremely early. Poor sleep until of anxiety it self being SO exhausting, leaves children and adults with little to no energy. 


Many parents and adults express feeling hopeless or lost. Not sure what to do and many believing there is no hope for change. I can assure you, there is hope. Therapy is not easy, but if you are receptive and invest the time and effort needed, change will come.

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That's where Your Story Rewritten comes in.

All people are doing their absolute best with the skills they have &

Your Story Rewritten helps them build on the skills they already possess.

About me...

Hi, I'm Cerissa Rhodes, LCSW

I am a licensed clinical social worker who specializes in working with kids 0-18 and adults of all ages that struggle with:

  • trauma or have experienced a scary or upsetting event

  • anxiety

  • intrusive thoughts

  • panic

  • irritability 

  • exhaustion

  • avoidance (including avoidance of school in kids)

  • obsessive thoughts

  • compulsions.

I am licensed in North Carolina and Virginia allowing me to offer services to clients living in either state.

More than a therapist, I am also a mama of a child with anxiety, a wife, Clini-Coach® and have way too many animals! So not only do I have that education and training,  but also REAL LIFE experience. I know what it is like to struggle wearing multiple hats, having anxiety and raising a neurodiverse kiddo. 

I bring my whole self into sessions. I meet clients where they are, recognize them as experts of their life and work collaboratively to achieve their goals.


I use techniques that have been studied and researched to be the most effective for treating trauma in children and anxiety/OCD in all ages.


I am trained in Child Parent Psychotherapy, Trauma Focused - Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Exposure Response Prevention and pull from other modalities when appropriate for the client. This summer I am receiving specific training in SPACE: Supportive Parenting for Anxious Childhood Emotions.

Visit the About Me page to learn more.

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What to expect out of therapy?


Change is inevitable. Therapy is not easy, it takes time, practice and effort. Therapy often feels "heavy." However, if you engage in session, are receptive to treatment, and invest in yourself outside of session you will achieve change.


Whether you are working with me or one of my amazing interns, you will be met right where you are and supported through out the process. From your first session to your last, you will never feel alone. 

A new view of the world

Imagine a world where you feel safe, relaxed and content. A world free of panic and intrusive thoughts.

A world where you have the knowledge and skills to decipher real danger from perceived danger.

A world of knowing how to manage obsessive thoughts or compulsions, so they no longer control your life.

A world in which you are in charge of your life

and your emotions!

All therapy begins with a free consult!

This way you can ask all your questions

and we can make sure it's a good fit. 

Book your slot below.

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